113th Congress: inexperienced and worrying

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113th Congress inexperienced and worrying

Unproductive is one of the words that were constantly used when it comes to describing the past congress. However, the new congress now is being labelled as inexperienced. A number of factors such as wave elections and divisive primaries contribute to the unproductivity of the new congress. The congress is currently popular by young lawmakers the challenge conventional wisdom when it comes to politics in Washington.

Two out of five lawmakers who are serving in the congress right now have only been in the political world for three years only. This is why most political experts believe that this is the most inexperienced congress since the one in 1995, where it mainly consisted on young Republicans.

The gap in experience was acutely felt in the GOP. 46% of 233 members from the Republican Party didn’t serve for more than four years. From the 200 democrats, 31% has served for less than five years. This means that most of the junior lawmakers are now positions that would take tens of years to reach. This is mainly due to President Obama wanting to add fresh graduates to the political world.

Inexperienced lawmakers dominating the congress have been a serious challenge for GOP leaders. However, many people believe that most of these lawmakers a breath of fresh air and those senior lawmakers were very unproductive through various decisions as well.

Ted Yoho, the youngest member of the Congress, has voted against Senator John Boehner several times and many experts believe that this is why the speaker has problems with younger lawmakers. The Senate of the United States experienced a turnover rate of 43%. 23 senators ended up retiring and six members resigned.

Don Ritchie, one of the Senate’s greatest historians, stated that the congress is experiencing a shift of generations that is cyclical. There weren’t any significant turnovers since 1990s when most of the Congress members ended up retiring. However, most political experts believe that this change is positive and that there aren’t as serious issues between younger political parties like the older ones.

For now, citizens of the United States will just have to wait and evaluate the performance of the new Congress. There are several debates that will take place in the Congress during the next month and this will prove whether the new generation will do better than the one before or worse. The public will just have to wait and see during the next months.

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