Appeals court ends up striking recess appointments

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Appeals court ends up striking recess appointments

An appeals court announced today that the President have over-stepped and exceeded his authority when it came to a number of different recess appointments for the National Relations Board. This is a case that might eventually end up in Supreme Courts to determine and examine the limits that the President exceeded by nominating individuals who can be filibustered by the Congress. The result of the Supreme Court could end up the position of some of the individuals that President Obama appointed like Richard Corday, head of Consumer Financial Bureau. He also made new nominations for the securities of commission yesterday but it hasn’t been confirmed until now but the names are expected to be released during the end of next week.

Representatives for the White House responded back by saying that all these appointments are completely legal due to the Congress being on vacation during that time. Republican Senator was very quick to jump of this lawsuit especially that they aren’t satisfied with almost all of these nomination. They also claimed that the President could have waited until the Congress was back and that these nominations weren’t urgent whatsoever.

If these turns out to be right, hundreds of political decisions that were made by the President will end up being invalidated. During the day President Obama appointed Richard Corday, he also appointed Sharon Block for the Secretary of Labour position and Richard Mark for the union lawyer position.

It is obvious right now that the Republic party are going to have a problem with anything that President Obama does. Not only did they harshly question Hilary Clinton during the hearing that took place in the Congress because of the Benghazi incidents where three Americans got killed, but they also strongly opposed the nomination of John Kerry. John Kerry is most likely going to be confirmed in his position this week. He is known for having foreign policy opinions that most members of the Republican Party don’t agree about such as peaceful talks with Iran over their nuclear weapon.

It is clear that the president of the United States is going to spend a lot of time during his second term defending and trying to convince the Republican Party with his opinions and nominations. This is why most political parties are urging Obama to take advantage of his constitutional rights when it comes to some decisions so he can focus on other political or economic issues.

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