Boston Scientific Corporation (NYSE:BSX) Gets CE Mark To Treat Customers With Tremor

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Dallas, Texas 09/19/2014 (ustradevoice) – According to reports, Boston Scientific Corporation (NYSE:BSX) has received CE Mark for the treatment of tremor called Vercise Deep Brain Stimulation, including essential tremor (ET), the most common form of the disorder. Tremor is characterized by rhythmic and involuntary shaking. It is normally associated with the difficulty of handling a few things like holding and controlling items or writing.

Essential tremor:

As per the information given by market experts, if both Parkinson’s disease and ET are compared, then one can easily find out its prevalence. According to reports, ET can be 20 times more prevalent than Parkinson’s disease. If you are looking forward to approaching precise neural targeting, then The Vercise DBS System can be an ideal option for you. With the help of it, physicians from around the world can customize their therapy in order to treat patients who are suffering from ET. It works on battery system, which means it is a charge and use kind of machine that lasts for almost twenty-five years.

According to reports, University Hospital Cologne, Germany is the first place where Vercise DBS System performed its first commercial implantations for ET. The entire process was executed by a team of scientists that was led by Prof. Dr. Lars Timmermann, professor and neurologist of Neurological Movement Disorders and Prof. Dr. Veerle Visser Vandewalle, HOD of stereotaxy and functional neurosurgery. ET can be very eviscerate in day to day routine life of parents and can create problems in various activities such as eating and writing. The Vercise DBS System is capable of providing top notch and advanced tremor care with the help of specific neural targeting. It is designed effectively to manage ET symptoms without any problem and help the patient to improve his life through various means. Boston Scientific Corporation (NYSE:BSX) is a well-acclaimed DBS technology global market leader and has got TGA and CE mark for its usage in Parkinson’s disease treatment.

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