FireEye Inc. (NASADAQ:FEYE) Expecting an Increase in Cyber Attacks

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Dallas, Texas 05/30/2014 (ustradevoice) – FireEye Inc. (NASADAQ:FEYE) CEO anticipates a further increase in the rate of cyber-attacks this year as the trend looks set to continue on the current  five year rise pattern. The CEO has admitted  that the company is tracking more than twenty groups in China that are responsible for perpetrating cyber-attacks against the U.S and a number of western world companies. FireEye has already had its fair share of success in the fight against the attacks in the U.S.

Flagging off Target’s Intrusion

FireEye flagged the intrusion of Target’s Corporation (NYSE:TGT) computer system having already discovered three major threats that were affecting users of Internet Explorer. The company has also identified one of the Chinese military members that were alleged to have conducted espionage against the U.S. The company maintains that the biggest threat sure to make a massive impact in the U.S is yet to come.

Iranian organizations continue to gain capabilities that could make them a force to reckon with, in the cyber security space as sophistication of hacking continues to go a notch higher; this comes as the company announced plans to offer its FireEye Network Threat Prevention Platform to customers as of June 2, 2014.

New FireEye Network Threat Prevention Platform

The new platform is designed to offer customers a clear view of holistic attacks that have in the recent past gone beyond intrusion prevention capabilities. The new threat prevention platform uses purpose built machine technology for protecting systems against known and unknown threats. The new security platform also enables teams control costs incurred in system security while at the same time scaling against more sophisticated threats.

FireEye Network Threat Prevention Platform will allow customers to combine advanced threat protection with driven security needs. The new platform should provide security teams the much needed clear visibility of network threats, as well as more reliable data to rely on. Some of the features that the new protection platform incorporates include MVX technology.

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