Host Hotels and Resorts Inc (NYSE:HST) stock climbing due to hotel business

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Host Hotels and Resorts Inc (NYSE:HST) is a trust company that works in the area of real estate investment and meets the requirements of the hotels and the hospitality industry.  The company’s shares have been losing their market values over the past few months. A number of real estate companies have also been forced to cut back on their dividend payments.

One sub sector in the real estate market that has broken this trend has been the Hotels division which has earned a rally of  6.23 percent during the period.  Host Hotels seems to be also following this trend.

In the last week the shares of the company whose market valuation is pegged at $13.65 billion has shown an impressive 4.7 per cent rise in its market valuation. This overturns the losing element of the share which is followed by S&P 500.  In the trading of the shares in the past 30 days the value of the share has gone down by 1.28 percent and in the last 90 days the value has gone down by almost  0.5 per cent.

The pressure on the share is despite the company reporting an increase in numbers over the previous trimester. In the second trimester that ended on June 30, the company had gained a 7 per cent increase in sales as compared to that of the first trimester

 In the previous 12 months, it had shown sales of $5.62 billion and total income it had generated was $138 million. Some of these raises had been given to its shareholders. On September 16, the company had announced a payment of a dividend of  $0.12 for the trimester. The excitement for the investors was that there was a raise in dividend of  9.1 per cent as compared to what was paid in the second trimester which was $0.11. The dividend got paid out on October 15 to all share holders on record as of September 30.

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