Merck & Co. Inc (NYSE:MRK) to present data on new improved HPV vaccine

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Recently, news has been made available that Merck & Co. Inc (NYSE:MRK) would be making available the data that would be related to the new and improved HPV Vaccination. Related to this Merck has to say that, the case for making use of V503 is even stronger that the case of using Gardasil which is also considered to be stronger. The V503 is for the sexually transmitted virus which can cause cervical and other cancers.

V503 is considered to be an investigational HPV vaccination which is designed to provide protection against the four HPV strains. Moreover, it also provides protection against the five additional cancer causing types of virus.

Soon, the data from the medical analysts would be presented in Italy and according to sources, the data appears to support the efficacy of the vaccination. Moreover, Merck & Co. Inc would be able to receive approval for the use of V503 by the end of this year.

According to WSJ, the sales projections for the year 2018 of V503 are $1.9 billion where as that of Gardasil is only $525 million.

Also the Merck Hepatitis C combo became successful in its Phase 2 trial. This is a combination of Merck oral drugs MK – 5172 and MK – 8742 led to a high cure rates in its Phase 2 trial on 65 patients suffering from Hepatitis C.

When this vaccination was given on their own, the combination proved to cure around 100% subjects after 12 weeks which administered with the older drug of the problem, known as Ribavin.

With the successful combination of this drug with Hepatitis C, Merck joins the list of other major pharmaceutical companies such as Gilead, Abb Vie and Bristol Myers Squibb. Gilead made available Sofosbuvir which is also FDA approved.

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