News Corp (NASDAQ:NWS) Investigates The Rev0lver Hacking Attacks

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Dallas, Texas 07/23/2014 (ustradevoice) –  Wall Street Journal, News Corp (NASDAQ:NWS) was forced to make some of its computer systems switch to offline mode after the incident of cyber intrusion. The publisher is taking extreme caution to check if any customer data is affected.

Finding the evidence

The news graphics of Wall Street Journal were the target of hackers. The publisher is looking to cross check the hacker claims. There is no significant evidence found after the investigation. WSJ made sure to keep the systems offline for some time so as to prevent any further attacks.  Hackers failed to damage the news graphics. There was no evidence of tampering found during the investigation. The systems are kept under the review mode to cross-check any signs of compromise.

Hacker claims

Hacker has claimed on the social media website Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) that it was successful in penetrating the news website. The hacker has further added that he is ready to sell the user information and the credentials that control the server.  If it happens, the buyer will be in a position to modify the news articles or can add the content. The buyer can also insert the malicious content on the website pages, can add the users or can delete the existing users. Ultimately buyer can have the control of the news website.

The investigation

The chief executive of cyber security firm IntelCrawler, Andrew Komarov informed the Journal about the hacker comments.  Komarov investigated the matter and disclosed that the weakness of the website used by a hacker can provide him the access to the website. There are 20 databases existing on the news server.  A vulnerability was discovered in graphics database.  The chief executive of security firm is monitoring the hacker named as Rev0lver. The hacker calls himself as Worm. He claims to be the founder of that is a market to know cyber vulnerabilities.

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