Pfizer Inc (NYSE:PFE) plans to ditch BlackBerry

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Dallas, Texas 11/15/2013 (ustradevoice) – Pfizer Inc (NYSE:PFE) which is known as the world’s biggest drug maker is planning to wean off the BlackBerry Ltd’s phones due to the concerns that the mobile technology company might not be around in the future.

The employees of Pfizer Inc have been informed to quit the Blackberry devices and rather get an Apple Inc phones or even those which run on the Google Inc’s Android operating systems. The management of Pfizer Inc has taken this step as they have seen the Waterloo, Ontario based Blackberry Inc’s sales and market share going down on a rapid rate.

According to the memo which has been provided to the employees of Pfizer Inc which is based in New York, the employees have been told to quit using the Blackberry devices as the sales of the company are declining on a rapid rate due to which the company and its employees are in a volatile state. The employees are recommended that the Blackberry clients can use their Blackberry devices and plan to migrate to other new device at the expiration of the normal contract.

Blackberry Company has lost most of their clients as the customers are switching over to Apple iPhones and devices. During the last quarter of the company, new Blackberry 10 operating system was meant to fuel a come – back but received half hearted response from its clients. Due to this the company had to face huge loss during the quarter and had to write off almost $1 billion in the unsold inventory of this device.

According to the last annual filing made by Pfizer Inc, the company has around 92,000 employees there by making it the eighth biggest employer among the Western Europe and the United States of America health companies. There are also contingency plans made by the management of Pfizer Inc that in case Blackberry Company shuts down or is not available to provide services the employees are ready with a backup.

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