Police still on the search for ex-cop

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Police still on the search for ex-cop

Police are now hunting for an ex-cop who is heavily armed because of three homicides. One of the most significant homicides is killing another police man. Police in Southern California are now on a massive search for someone who is once their friend. The cop has left several messages online saying ‘’I have no problem with death, and I’m not fearful of it at all.’’ The overnight shootings that took place in the County of Riverside also left two wounded officers from the Los Angeles Police centre.

He also burned his pickup truck in the mountains of San Bernardino. This is why local enforcement officers enhanced the security measures around this area which is known for having a popular ski resort. Schools around this area were also closed to avoid any other unfortunate occurrences. The weather in this area isn’t helping at all where excess snow is slowing the progress now. This is also why the police are using dogs for following any tracks that were left by the shooter. ‘’ We are currently doing everything possible to find the suspect,’’ Los Angeles Police released a statement today.

They have also urged the suspect to give himself in because no one else has to die, even if it is the suspect himself. The suspect currently has multiple firearms with him, including rifles. He has also participated in military training several times. This is the third shooting incidents that take place this year and this obviously slows President Obama’s efforts to stop all these crimes from taking place. He has been recently travelling all around the country to try to convince lawmakers to impose tougher laws on whoever wants to purchase guns. One of these new laws the President he wants to impose is conducting a background check first before a citizen wants to purchase guns.

The citizen will also have to wait for a couple of days until they can purchase the guns. The Congress is expected to vote on these new laws at the end of this month but it obvious now that the new bill is going to pass with all the shooting incidents taking place. However, gun makers are obviously not going to let this pass easily as most of them have already explained that the problem here is mental health of the citizens, and not the guns. They explained that the White House should focus on improving the mental health of citizens instead.

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