President Obama Sets Tone For Next Term

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Obama Addresses The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Awards Dinner

After making history and becoming the president of U.S.A. for the second time, President Obama is all set to start his work after inauguration on Monday. His inauguration reflects his tempered expectations for his second session of four years. Higher unemployment rate, political battles and a re-election campaign all have tempered his mood in past 4 years; and this is being reflected in his inauguration too.

He said in a tweet before inauguration, “We have a chance to finish what we started. Our work begins today. Let’s go.” So he is all set to complete the works which were left pending in previous year.

Comparing to his first inauguration, this one is a bit different. With less people attending the inauguration, fewer parties and inaugural balls, this inauguration will not be as big as the first one was; but still it is historical.

On the pleasant day of today, Obama will mention his notable first term achievements for building a momentum and will also describe his vision for next 4 years. Some of his great and worth mentioning achievements of first-term are healthcare overhaul, end of war in Iraq and killing of Bin Laden.

The second inauguration certainly marks a milestone in the political life of Obama, the Hawaii born son of a black father from Kenya and a White mother from Kansas. A mind blowing speech in 2004 Democratic Convention as an Illinois legislator lifted him to the national stage and placed him on the seat of U.S. Senate, and then a few years later to White House.

But as it happens with every rising star, his days are becoming harder now. All days do not remain the same; and days of President Obama are also taking a shift these days. Battles are rising on gun control laws and budgets, and Republicans are standing as a strong competitor against him on every place. Nearly half people of the country are also not supporting him and are going in support of Republicans.

Obama and his family started their day by going to St. John’s Episcopal Church from White House. This is a long term followed tradition for the American Presidents.

Stats say that around 700,000 people will watch his inauguration this year. Note that these numbers account only the people who will attend his inauguration individually. People who will watch it on their TV sets are excluded from this count. This is significantly down from 1.8 million people who gathered in 2009 for his inauguration.

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