Republicans block the vote for Chuck Hagel

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Former U.S. Senator Hagel testifies during Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on his nomination to be Defense Secretary, on Capitol Hill in Washington
There was definitely a serious political limbo that took place yesterday over the nomination of Chuck Hagel. The Republican Party did what every single person expected in the United States, and that is blocking the vote of the nomination of Chuck Hagel. The Democratic Party were furious about what they did and threatened them that they are going to put the United States in a serious risk especially that Chuck Hagel is nominated for an important security post. Senator Harry Reid didn’t hesitate to make an appeal for the nomination of Chuck Hagel amid serious questions on whether he will be able to get all the 60 voted he needs to overcome the road blocks placed by the Republican Party.
“The Republican Party needs to understand that this isn’t a high school football game. This is someone who is going to protect our country from any risk,” Reid explained in the Senate today. The Senate will have to confirm by tomorrow on whether or not the vote of confirmation will be passed or not. Sources explained that Republicans were engaged in serious negotiations last week on whether or not some of them will compromise the vote or not. Many of them believe that the reaction of the White House towards the September Libya attacks is what makes them take this decision.
The struggle taking place over the nomination of Hagel is definitely one of the few battles between President Obama and the Republican Party. Other issues they are disputing over include gun control and budget deficits. The Republican Party first started their disapproval of Hagel when the Iraq war was taking place. This is because Hagel strongly objected President Bush’s decision to enter Iraq and he claimed that he had another reasons and that there were no nuclear weapons in the first place. Republicans are also questioning Hagel’s motives after he had serious comments about Israel and Iran.
Political experts believe that is not the end of this and even if the Republican Party objected this decision, President Obama and the Democratic Party will do everything they can to ensure that Chuck Hagel is going to be in this position within the new week. Keep in mind that President Obama is the one who nominated him especially after he accompanied him in several trips abroad previously. The president was very impressed with the way Chuck Hagel behaved diplomatically and this is why he selected him.

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