Senator Rockefeller to announce retirement on Friday

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Senator Rockefeller to announce retirement on Friday

According to a Senate Democratic Source, Senator Jay Rockefeller has no plans of staying further for a sixth session of 2014 in Senate and he will announce his retirement on Friday. 75 years old Rockefeller is the former two-time governor and one of the most senior persons in the Democratic body. Right now he is the Chairman of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee.

This news further complicates the hopes of maintaining Senate’s control in 2014. Due to his strong popularity and longevity, he could easily save the seat in 2014. But now sine he is going, seat may easily go in the hands of a Republican. He has been in the Senate since 1985.

According to his office, he will announce his future plans at 11 AM EST in a press conference in Charleston, West Virginia. Liberal Democrat is the grandson of the oil tycoon who became a billionaire in late 1800s. His full name is John D. Rockefeller IV. He has actively participated in healthcare reform initiatives and has always been a strong supporter of organized labor. He came to West Virginia for working on anti-poverty programs and began his political career in the state.

Rockefeller has also worked hard for protecting coal industry of West Virginia, which is an important economical force for that state. During 2009 and 2010 he also urged Senate to take some appropriate steps regarding climate change legislations for reducing the usage of carbon emitting fossil fuels like coal etc.

Reportedly he is retiring because he wants to pay enough time to his family. Republican Representative Shelley Moore Capito is already looking forward to sit on the place of Rockefeller in 2014. So from Rockefeller’s departure Republicans have got a chance to secure a seat in Senate. However, West Virginia is a state that creates challenges for both parties. President Obama is fairly unpopular in the state and in elections he got a defeat of 27 percent points from Mitt Romney but last Republican governor of West Virginia was elected long time ago in 1996 and Rockefeller, who is enough popular in the state also supported President Obama on various topics in recent days. According to Senator Michael Bennet, Democrats are strong enough in the state with 20 seats for defending the 2014 election. So anything may happen.  However, that’s a matter of 2014; for right now, “Good bye Rockefeller. Have a happy life ahead!”

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